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Oxytetracycline WSP

    Composition per Kg:

    Oxytetracycline hydrochloride       100g

    Neomycin Sulphate                71.5g

    Vitamine K                      2.15g

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Pharmacological Properties:

Vitamine plus 2 antibiotics (neomycin for gastro-intestinal infections and oxytetracycline for systemic infections)



Prevention and treatment of gastro-intestinal and systemic bacterial infections like fowl cholera (greenish diarrhea), enteritis (blue-comb) disease, salmonellosis (fowl typhoid), staphyloccosis. Infections of upper respiratory tract and air sacs (coryza, chronic respiratory disease and infectious sinusitis). It is used to reduce seconday bacteria infection during viral attack.


Adminstration: Give only medicated water or feed during treatment. Medicated water should be used within 24 hours. Open pack should be used promptly.



Poultry : Prevention; Add 100g in 400 litres of drinking water or 100-200kg of feed per day for 3-4 days

Treatment   Add 100g in 200 litres of drinking water or 50-100kg of feed per day for 3-4 days

Sheep: Prevention; 2g/day for 3-4 days 

           Treatment ; 3-4g/day for 3-4 days

Calves, foals: Prevention 5g/day and treatment 10g/day for 3-4 days

Lambs, piglets: Prevention 0.5g/day and treatment 1g/day for 3-4 days.



Store medicine in a secure, cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.



For Animal Use only. 

Keep all medicine out of reach of children.

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