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Vit AD3E Oral (G Vit AD3E)

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Vit AD3E Oral (G Vit AD3E)



Each 1000ml contains:

Vitamin A ...............500,000IU

Vitamin D3 .............5,000,000IU

Vitamin E ................25,000mg


Vitamin AD3E oral solution use advanced solvent technology seperate the particle size if liposomes to 10-100nm which can dissolve in water without limitation and absorbed directly without helps of grease and bile. The absorption rate can be increased by 5.8 times.


For the prevention of vitamin A, D, E deficiencies in poultry and livestock.

-Strong vitamin A fortification helps animals grow into healthy adult.

-Vitamin D is to maintain skeletal calcium balance by promoting calcium absorption in the small intestine and kidney tubules.

-The strong level of vitamin E helps maintain a robust immune system.

Dosage and administration:

Poultry and livestock: 100ml mix with 1000L drinking water.


100ml/bottle, 500ml/bottle, 1000ml/bottle


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