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Analgin 30 % WSP


    Each g contains:

    Analgin 300mg

    Vitamin C 30mg

    Add to 1g 

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Analgin take oral absorb quickly, take effect quickly, the efficacy maintain 3-4 hours. Antipyretic analgesic effect is remarkable,And there is a certain anti-inflammatory and anti rheumatism function.Used for animal muscle pain, colic, rheumatism and febrile diseases, etc.


Don’t use with chlorpromazine in order to avoid the body temperature drops, don’t use with barbiturates and phenylbutazone, it will affect liver granule enzyme activity.

Dosage and administration:

For poultry use:

This one bag for 2000-2500 Liters of drinking water.

Withdrawal period:

Poultry: 21 days.


Store in a cool and dry place.

Expiry Date:

3 years.


Keep out reach of children.

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