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Lysozymes , Vit E, Vit C ,Vit A ,Vit D 
1. Lysozyme compound with vitamins are the newest formula to balance the nutrition and disease-resistant. It boosts immunity of the bird & controls mortality. It helps to reduce stress & promote growth.
2. This product has a broad spectrum antibacterial,antiphlogistic and antiviral function. A unique safeguard against all diseases.
3. It has good effect for improving the fertility rate and healthy poultry rate, improving the quality of the shell, egg production and meat production. It increases the feed conversion.
4. Stable and excellent water-solubility & also used as mixed in feed. 
Usage and dosage:
For poultry 
Drinking: Mix 1 Gm. of the product in 2 L water, can be used continuously.
Mixing in the feed: Mix 1 Gm. of the product in 1-2 Kg feed, can be used continuously. 
Package: 1 Kg/bag
Storage: Sealed and store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight.


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