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    Vitamin A ..........50000IU   

    Vitamin D3......... 10000IU

    Vitamin E ............500mg    

    Vitamin B2.......... 100mg

    With special types of egg production enhancing factor of Nanometer microemulsion production Technologies.

    Product Advantages

    1.To ensure maximum absorption and utilisation the active ingredient.

    2. Cost effective. Eg. 250ml can mix 5000kg water.
    3. Clear and transparent when use in water .not blocking the water line.

    4.High Concentration Vitamin E,Nano-technology make VE absorptivity higer4~5times than common Vitamin E.
    5.The nano technology solves the problem of poor absorption of VE in vivo.
    Functional Characteristics

    1.For check,Promoting yolk absorption,Improve the uniformity and survival rate of chickens.
    2. Improve the symptoms of anemia of livestock & poultry, enhance the immunity of livestock & poultry
    3.Increase the breeding rate and egg rate for livestock & poultry , improve the quality of meat quality with nutritional value.
    4. Effective increase in nucleic acid metabolism. Promoting protein synthesis. Increase the body function and sexual function
    Increase the fertilization rate for livestock and poultry .
    5. Lipid binding of molecules capable of forming molecular membranes in vivo with other growth hormone, Promote the rapid growth of animals, improve the growth rate.


    100ml Mix with 1500-2000 litters of Water for 5 days.



    100ml intact bottle


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