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Glutaraldehyde+ Deciquan solution5% +5%


    Pe ml contains:

    Glutaraldehyde 50mg

    Deciquan solution 50mg

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This is colorless or  faint yellow clear liquid, with special smell. 


This is disinfection and antiseptic medicine. Using for utensil disinfection. 

Pharmacological Action:

Glutaraldehyde is a broad-spectrum, highly efficient and fast disinfectant. With the advantages of imitative and low corrosive, low toxicity and safe, stability of aqueous solution, it is known as the ideal sterilization disinfectant after the formaldehyde and ethylene oxide. It has a good effect on bacteria body, spores, ungi. It is also able to kill viruses including hepatitis Band C virus and avian influenza viruses. Deciquan solution is a long chain of cationic surfactants, its quaternary ammonium cationic can actively attract 

the negatively charged bacteria and viruses and covering its surface, prevent bacterial metabolism, changes

 the permeability of the membrane, collaborative glutaraldehyde in bacteria, virus inside the damaged protein 

and enzyme activity, rich fast funny disinfection effect.


Spraying: conventional environmental disinfection, 1:2000-4000 dilution;

Epidemics occur environmental disinfection, 1:500-1000.

Soak: equipment disinfection, 1:1500-3000.


Shaded, sealed and stored in cool dark place. 


500ml/bottle, 24 bottles/carton.

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