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Benzalkonium Bromide Solution


    Per 100ml contains:

    Benzalkonium Bromide  5ml

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Indication :

This product is widely used to kill bacteria,mold,fungi,algae,etc.,particularly For salmonella,parasites,Eperythrozoon, streptococcus, E.coil disease.

Pharmacological action :

This product is a surfactants and spectrum fungicide. It can kill the bacteria by changing cytolymph permeability,making cell plasma material extravasated and obstructing their metabolic.Especially for gram positive bacterium. This product could rapidly combined with protein. The effect will be significantly reduced when it meet blood,cotton,cellulose and organic matter.


this product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, low temperature can produce turbid or precipitation.

Usage and Dosage:

This product can be used for washing,dipping,spraying or water disinfection.

For prevention disinfection:

Environmental disinfection 1:500 dilution;Silkworm environment 1:500 dilution

Hatching egg disinfection 1:400 spray;Drinking disinfection 1:2000 dilution

When there is plague:

Environmental disinfection 1:200 dilution;Drinking disinfection 1:1000 dilution

Adverse reaction : 

Occasional allergic reaction

Notice: forbidden to use together with soap and salts disinfectant, it can not used for synthetic rubber ophthalmic instrument disinfection.

Withdraw period: 

No provisions 


Store in dark,sealed and cool place                   


Plastic bottle,1000ml/500ml/bottle        

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