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22% Calcium Glucose Oral Solution


    Contains per ml:

    Calcium Glucose: 220mg

    Boric acid: 20mg

    Calcium hydroxide: 20mg

    Solvents ad: 1ml

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The product can treat Calcium deficiency diseases, such as parturient paresis, rickets, osteomalacia and anaphylactic diseases.

- Cattle,sheep:for stomach atony,milk fever,postpartum 

hypocalcemia, postpartum aphagia, retention of placenta;  

- Livestock: rickets, osteomalacia, mastication atonia, cramp, muscle rigidity and walk with sway;

- Poultry: treat and prevent vent pecking, feather pecking, soft-preserved eggs and thin preserved eggs. Alleviating stresses caused by debeak, vaccine inoculation and climate changes;

This product can improve milk production, egg production and promote growth, balance body fluid and strengthen the resistibility.

Dosage and Administration:

For oral administration via drinking water:

Livestock: parturient paresis, 1mL/Kg body weight; other diseases, 0.5mL/Kg body weight, drench directly, mix with water or feeds.

Poultry: add the product 500mL into 750-1000 Liters water for drinking.


Store sealed in cool, shady place.


Bottle of 500ml.


3 years.

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