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Levamisole Tablet


    Veterinary anathematic

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This product is a broad spectrum anathematic used in the control and treatment of gastro-intestinal worms and lungworm infections in cattle, calves, sheep, goats and pigs.


This product is indicated for the treatment of nematode infections in cattle, calves, sheep m goats and pigs; it is effective against several genera of roundworms and lungworms eg. Haemonchus, Trichostrongylus, Ostertagia, Ascaridae, Trichuris, Chabertia, Strongyloides, Cooreria, Nematodirus, Bumostomum, Oesophagostomum,protostrongylus Metastrongylus, Dictyocaulus etc.

Levamisole is also used as a microfilaricide in dogs to treat Dirofilaria immitic(heartworm) infection.


For oral administration only.

This product is administered orally either directly by hand or by means of other tools. It can also be given after crushing the tablet and (i) mixing with a little water to make a drench or (ⅱ)mixing with a little feed.



Levamisole is generally very safe to use but side effects can occur if higher than recommended doses are used or if administered concomitantly with organophosphates. Symptoms include salivation, excitation, colic, mild diarrhea, clonic spasms, sweating, coughing, hyperpnoea and/or vomiting. These symptoms disappear spontaneously.

In swine, levamisole may cause salivation or muzzle foaming. Swine infected with lung-worms may develop coughing or vomiting.


For meat: 14 days, for milk: 1 day

SPECIFICATION: Levamisole 600mg,300mg


PACKAGE: 5boil/blister,10blister/box,50boxes/carton 545*300*270mm

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